Have you ever asked this question after seeing a Paoay Kumakaway ad with sexy women wearing mustache?

Hey, this is no genetic anomaly! And this isn’t Pringles, too.

This is Ilocano’s beloved Juan Luna, one of the world’s greatest painters who was born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte. His flair in fearlessly exposing the agony of his oppressed countrymen through bold stokes of the brush and palette was witnessed by the world when in May 1884, he shipped the large canvas of the Spoliarium to Madrid for the year’s ExposicionNational de Belles Artes. This Ilocano was the first recipient of the three gold medals awarded in the exhibition and gained fame worldwide. His iconic mustache became the trademark  among Filipinos, making students remember him as the guy with the curly mustache they read in history class.

Ilocanos are proud of Juan Luna and the younger generations are inspired by their kababayan.

So don’t even think it’s from Johnny Depp or from the legendary Zorro or from your Grandpa. It’s Juan Luna’s. It’s Ilocos Norte’s. But guess what? It can be yours too!
Wear a big curly one and walk the streets ala Juan Luna! But just a spoiler: this bigote is a starmaker so be ready for attention.